Storing Multiple Form Templates in Single Form Library

If you are using form library and you have a defuault form template associated with it but you now have an update or new version of the form template. There is no need to worry about.  Both the templates can work but the solution is a little different. 

  • Go To form library
  • Click on Explorer View
  • Copy the new / updated template with new name.
  • Go to form libray settings
  • Go to General Settings
  • Rename the Template to new template.
  • Old one will get opened or you can create new from them using Save As and work with new ones simple.

MOSS 2007 Caching

MOSS 2007 will have the following types of Cashing to improve the performance of the sharepoint page

  • Content Query Cache

Content Query cache stores cross lists quries in memory.

  • Navigation Node Cashe

Stores information about webs and pages.

  • Page Item Cache

Store the page to memory.

  • Debug Cache

Generates html comments with pages timestamp and information about caches used in the page.

SharePoint Version 2007 Page Life Cycle

  1. User request the SharePoint Page using http
  2. ASP.NET calls the WSS File provider
  3. WSS file provider returns the page from File or Database
  4. Page is parsed by SafeMode parsor if required
  5. Returned page is complied by ASP.NE T Compiler
  6. WSS File provider collects the page layout class and complies it
  7. ASP.NET engine adds SharePoint Context Data to the site meta data and retreives the associated master page.
  8. Master page got compiled and responded back to the user.

Installing MOSS Beta II Technical Refresh

Installing beta II technical refresh is really a bit touch job if you follow the guide provided by microsoft.  But few guys have made it easy.  check the links below if you are looking forward to update your MOSS 2007 Beta II to beta II TR.

  • MOSS 2007 B2TR: "Slipstreamed" installer screencast (HOWTO)
  • Steve Smith: MOSS 2007 B2+B2TR Slipstream Clean Installation (screen shots)
  • SharePoint 2007: Updating MOSS Beta 2 to Beta 2 Technical Refresh (Beta 2TR)
  • Installing WSS 3.0 Beta2 TR – the slipstream approach with screenshots
  • Anyhow here is Microsoft Guide on SharePoint team blog,

    What you need to know before you click Update.exe


    MOSS 2007 Improving Performace

    VIA IIN Morison WSS Demo

    1. No Crawling on Internet

    2. Set SQL Server Memory to 50%

    3. Select Reduced Crawling from From Central Administration > Operations > Services on Server > Office SharePoint Server Search Service Settings  , Select “Reduced” Indexer Performance.

    4. Extend Content Database size to appropriate number

    5. Transaction Logs. Set your recovery mode to simple or you may run out of disk space if you don’t do regular backups which is the only thing that will truncate the log. Especially important before doing a restore from stsadm or Central Admin restore.

    6. No virtualization. SharePoint is not a single exe, there is a lot going on, especially if you enable every feature

    More See Article IIN Morison WSS Demo