Installing MOSS Beta II Technical Refresh

Installing beta II technical refresh is really a bit touch job if you follow the guide provided by microsoft.  But few guys have made it easy.  check the links below if you are looking forward to update your MOSS 2007 Beta II to beta II TR.

  • MOSS 2007 B2TR: "Slipstreamed" installer screencast (HOWTO)
  • Steve Smith: MOSS 2007 B2+B2TR Slipstream Clean Installation (screen shots)
  • SharePoint 2007: Updating MOSS Beta 2 to Beta 2 Technical Refresh (Beta 2TR)
  • Installing WSS 3.0 Beta2 TR – the slipstream approach with screenshots
  • Anyhow here is Microsoft Guide on SharePoint team blog,

    What you need to know before you click Update.exe


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