SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007 Training

From last few days I was not feeling good about my postings.  I was feeling bad that I was not posting anything for a long time.  This is because I have taken few initiatives which need to be done before I do anything else, and I tell you the things that I was doing were great.  I finished them up last night.  Yes so I am ready to post some stuff that I was working on.  But what are the initiatives that I am talking about.  Without any wait.

1. SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007 Training at Recognized software company in Lahore

2. SharePoint Products and Technologies 2007 at my current Employer Xavor. 

Yes I was training almost 15 professional .NET developers on the next release of Microsoft server products.  You know the response was even great.  I was not sure how these training will go but they went great.  The response was great.  Each and every developer sitting there was happy.  Some of the guest trainees were executives who liked SharePoint Server for Excel and form services.  The training duration was 2 hours daily for 5 days.  6 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Monday

  1. Web Content Management in MOSS 2007
  2. Managing Layouts in WCM
  3. Designing Custom Master pages
  4. Managing CSS Files
  5. Creating Custom pages in MOSS

  1. SharePoint Security Model
  2. Site Architecture
  3. General Question on WCM

Day Hours Session Demo
Monday          2.5 Introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Navigation, UI, Sites, Lists, MySite, Administration, Object Model, Web Services
Tuesday         2.5 Introduction to Excel Services, Forms Services, Content Types, Site Columns Excel Services, Forms Services, Content Types, Site Columns
Wednesday 2.5 Installing and Configuring SharePoint 2007 WSS and MOSS, Installation, Configuration, creating Shared Services, Creating Web Application and Site Collection
Thursday 2.5 SharePoint Object Model, Creating Lists and managing lists using Custom Application, using excel Web Services, Business Data Catalog, SharePoint Search Creating Lists and managing lists using Custom Application, using excel Web Services, Business Data Catalog, SharePoint Search
Saturday 6   All
Monday 3   Security
Total Time   20 Hours Approximated  

Woooof It was not possible for me to do demos but when I started everything goes great I was able to demonstrate each and every demo that I want. Thanks to Microsoft for developing video content of TECH-ED, SharePoint and Microsoft Office Developer Conference, as well as the bloggers out there who wrote tons of stuff on SharePoint which makes very easy for me to grasp the ideas and started working as a trainer. This was my first ever training to professional sitting at a company. Of course I taught SharePoint to developers and student on request but the venues are always private. I am very happy to say that everything finished so good. I have tried to share all my experience as much I can regard SharePoint development.

Now I am hoping to get more assignment like the above in coming future. Let’s hope for the best.

I am also preparing for a 5 hours training at XAVOR. The content of the training will WSS and MOSS 2007 Introduction and Developers Opportunity in SharePoint Products and technologies 2007. This training will also help me improving my training skills. MY Current MCT application is cancelled because of some reasons (I don’t have documents related to experience yet). So I am a little disappointed but any way.

Once again thanks to everyone at SharePoint community for their sharing of tons and tons of material about SharePoint which helps guys like us to do thing we never thought.



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