Web Content Management Web Casts 3 Part Series

Part I WCM for Content Owners and Authors [OCT-3]

Part II WCM for Site Admins & Owners [OCT-10]

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management for Developers and Designers

The Web Content Management (WCM) technology in the upcoming 2007 version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) represents the first major release of Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) since 2002. This webcast looks at developer and designer oriented tasks in WCM such as creating field controls, creating and customizing master pages and page layouts. In addition, we’ll look at how you can customize the HTML Editor and Page Edit Toolbar and enforce rules on your authors such as allowing only certain styles within specific field controls. We’ll also cover what tools you’ll use and when to use them in developing your WCM sites, such as Visual Studio 2005 and SharePoint Designer 2007.

Part III MSDN Webcast: MOSS 2007 WCM for Site Developers & Designers

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