Tips for Fresh IT Graduates in Pakistan

I think most of the guys who came out of college doesn’t really know anything going in the IT world.  You need to get yourself ready for the challenges that you will face during interviews.  For that you need to update few things or learn some you never heard off here are few example,

· Object Oriented programming concepts

· Data Structures concepts

· Database Concepts

· DB Queries

· UML or OOSE concepts

· HTML, SOAP, CSS, JavaScript

· .NET Framework  or your programming language like JAVA, VC++ etc. J

· Windows and Web Applications

· Web Services

So sit down and refresh all these concepts once again to just to get ready for interview.  Motivate yourself by asking questions to yourself.  Don’t sit home wake up early and go for walk or jogging so that you can be fresh all the day.  Don’t fight with your parents when they ask about your job :).  Just smile and ask them to wait for a while before you get an opportunity. 

Get .NET 2005 or 2003 CD and install them to your PC and learn.  When you get tired play some games, Make yourself busy. 

Finally Do check your emails regularly and subscribe to and

 Or any other user group there.  Don’t feel hesitant while sending emails to job posts with 1 year of experience.  Just do it.  Someone will call you for sure

Please be patient.  You will get job by your hard work and hard work only.  There is no shortcut.  All depends on you if you choose the hard path and follow the steps given above you will get $$$$$ otherwise you will be a heck of a LOOOSER.  I think all members here will be agreed with me…. ?


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