SharePoint 2007 Training

I have just signed a 1 Year contract with Operation Badar/eVenture Solutions ( for the training on Microsoft SharePoint 2007.  It will be a 50 Hours Training spanning from 6 to 8 Weeks with 12 Lecture and 8 Labs.  I am not yet aware of the training cost but you can learn more from Operation Badars Office at Garden Town or the phone number 5831325.

The training will have stuff for administrator, planners, designers, developers and IT guys who can work with SharePoint 2007.  I will post the training contents soon.



I am Father Now

One reason of getting away from every activity on blogs and work is because of Birth of my Son on 27th of December 2006 at 1:35 PM.  We named him Aayan Yasir.  A few friends of mine are naming him as Junior Jerry.  But Welcome to the new world.

Blogs are Postless

Yes.  OffCourse they are.  I must say comming to Xavor has really put me one step back on blogging.  It was due to the load of work that i have in past 4 months that i blog to less than before.  These days i am busy in these adventures

1. Xavor

SharePoint Migration

WSS Data Export Utility for SharePoint 2003

WSS Data Import Utility for SharePoint 2007

Project Server 2003 Maintenence and Support

Portal Server 2007 Maintenence and Support


Project Server Maintainence and Support

EPM Trainings

3. Sensys

Project Server Deployment

Data Migration from Project 2002 to Project 2003 and Project Server

These days working 14 hours per day.  A little less than the capacity.  I recently got Chest infection which resulted in high fever (104) and cuff.  keeps me away from work for 5 days. 

I will try my best to come back to blogging as soon as i get time for that.