SharePoint 2007 Features

Here are A Few Lines on SharePoint 2007 fetures.

The new version of SharePoint expands upon the current version’s level of integration
with Outlook. The integration between certain SharePoint lists and Outlook folders will
be two-way, thus allowing users to not only read, but also manage the content of these
SharePoint lists through either the Outlook or SharePoint interfaces. Also, there is
synchronization between the Outlook task and calendar lists with SharePoint. This will
enable an individual to have one view of all time and tasks versus having to manage
calendar items and tasks in Outlook and potentially multiple SharePoint locations.
The new Content type library allows users to create libraries of smaller sets of
information and then snap those pieces into new or open documents. Some examples for
applications of this feature are the ability to save individual PowerPoint slides to easily
drop into a new PowerPoint presentation or to save sections of boiler plate materials to
snap into a proposal.

SharePoint 2007 has greater capabilities for managing workflow in an organization.
Besides being able to define custom document approval workflow (serial and parallel)
using an Outlook rules-like interface, Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) provides a
mechanism for developing re-usable workflow components that can be integrated into
SharePoint. These workflow components will make it easier to automate certain business
processes, such as a new employee on-boarding process requiring the completion of
forms and routing of forms.

Finally, another workflow-related change that has many SharePoint developers excited is
the ability to write custom event-handlers for all list types. The 2003 version of
SharePoint could programmatically handle events only for libraries – document, image,
and form libraries – but could not trigger events for SharePoint lists – such as issues and
task lists. The new version allows event handlers for both lists and libraries. For example,
an organization may want to send custom notifications/alerts when an action is performed
on a SharePoint list item (such as updating the status or due date of a task list item). In
this example, an organization using SharePoint to track tasks can automatically generate
an e-mail notifying involved parties that a task due date has been extended

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