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TechNet Magazine January 2007

I was reading the megazine to thought that i should share it.  Very interesting detailed articles about SharePoint Server, Search, Administration and Collaboration.


This month TechNet Magazine devotes an issue to SharePoint and everything that’s new in the latest release. Here we introduce SharePoint Server 2007 and guide you through new features that make building a collaborative site better and easier than ever. An overview article covers enterprise-wide search and document management, and much more. We also bring youarticles on security in SharePoint, fast command-line administration tasks, and building a wiki for your organization using SharePoint. And as usual, we have our roundup of popular columns, including Raymond Chen on Getting out of DLL Hell and The Scripting Guys on sorting in VBScript using the .NET Framework’s DataList.Sort method.


SharePointAn Overview of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

The new version of SharePoint is poised to meet all your collaboration and information management needs in a single, integrated platform. Here’s a tour of the new features and tools in MOSS that will change the way your enterprise works.

Thomas Rizzo7 New Features That Enhance Security in SharePoint

With SharePoint tapping into more enterprise data and becoming more integral to business workflow, security becomes far more critical. Find out how these seven new features in MOSS can quickly improve security in your organization.

Adam Robert BuenzFind It All with SharePoint Enterprise Search

Your company loses time and money while employees try to track down information. Enterprise search can help. MOSS offers an enterprise search tool that can find information quickly, whether it’s tucked away on an intranet site, living in a line of a business application, or even residing with a single employee.

Matt HesterPowerful Command Line Administration for SharePoint

Don’t get bogged down with a GUI. There’s a far more powerful and much faster way to manage SharePoint, which lets you perform administrative tasks from a command prompt and even script common procedures.

Todd KlindtWiki While You Work

Wikis offer a new, more flexible way to collaborate, promoting an unstructured approach to thinking and exchanging ideas. And MOSS 2007 makes it incredibly easy to implement wikis in your organization. Here’s what you need to know to start building and using wikis in the workplace.

Mauro Cardarelli


From The Editor

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