Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Prices Announced

I was tired of too many questions on the license pricing model for MOSS 2007. Finally they are announced.  Below are the US prices,


Estimated Price

Office SharePoint Server 2007


Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Standard


Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Enterprise


Office Forms Server 2007


Client Access Licenses

Estimated Price

Office SharePoint Server 2007 Standard CAL


Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise CAL1


Office Forms Server 2007 CAL


Office SharePoint Designer 2007



Internet Facing Sites

Estimated Price

Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites


Office Forms Server 2007 for Internet sites


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Moving Out of office Blog

I was just moving out of office but just before closing and packing my

notebook this article came to my view.  Sahil Malik has posted about Audience in SharePoint 2007.  Why i am posting about it because this was my first article on SharePoint which i posted on MSD2d and this becomes the article of the week.  SharePoint 2007 now has greatest capabilities where we can use audience and content targeting to build custom utilities out of user profiles.  I think i have already talked much so below is the link to session

Sahil Maliks Blog on User Profiles and Content Targeting

User Profile information can be incredibly useful. You could write custom utilities on top of such information. For instance, you could provide an "Emergency Contact List" in the form of an Excel spreadsheet by simply reading user profile information. This list then could be interlinked with an emergency coverage schedule, thus allowing the end user to very easily track down the right individual for the right job, along with his contact information, just when he or she needs it….. Read More

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Project Server Security

These days i am trying to find some good posts on project server.  Here is one of them.  Every project server administratorw wanted to understand the security infrastrcuture of Project server which is a little bit differnt than normal security.  Project server has three types of security, User, Groups, Categories. 

Another level of security is security templates which are subsets of global security in Project Server.  I will not write more but will refernce Tony Zenks post about the security . 

Project Server security can be a confusing animal… especially for someone like myself who didn’t have much experience with Microsoft networking and security before working with Project Server. It took me quite a while to "get my head around" the relationship between Groups and Categories in Project Server. I sometimes explain it like this…

Project Server Groups: consist of people / users

Project Server Categories: consist of system permissions that are available

Read more here…