SharePoint User Group in Pakistan

I was justing google my way out of SharePoint training event and found a SharePoint user group in pakistan. I really had never heard about the group.  There are very less activities but i decided to join the group any way.  Putting the link below if some one need to join it


Visit the Group Web site

SharePointPUG is a group of SharePoint users. Everything related to SharePoint including tips, articles, tutorials, source code, FAQs, etc is discussed in this group. A newsletter is sent out to all the members regularly. Face to face meetings, online discussions and chats are also arranged on regular basis. Objective of this group was to form a community of users who share a common interest. Registration is open for everyone. Whether you are an experienced user or some one who just wants to learn the basics, you are more than welcome to join this new community of SharePoint users. Thanks.

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