Blogging is Back

It’s been few days since I posted any thing.  This silence is due to my preparation for the incoming 3 migration projects that we have for our client.  These are two WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0 projects and one huge SharePoint portal server 2003 migration to MOSS 2007.  WSS 2.0 used by the client is not much customized but SPS was completely changed.  There are 22 Site templates, 15 Webparts and lot of other numbers.  The data to be migrated is ranging over 15 GB.  Currently I was busy working with the team to look into the 2003 version of the product.  The custom templates that were developed and the Webparts.  As we got the backup we will be moving to next level that will be the initial upgrade testing. 

BTW I am not here to tell this but I was here to mention two posts about SharePoint Solution Generator.  SharePoint solution generator allow you to create projects based on WSS 3.0 site templates.  For more information read.

Part I

Part II


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