SharePoit Portal Server 2003 Custom Document Library Migratin Problem


Hi all,

We are facing a problem while we trying to migrate our SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Document library to SharePoint Server 2007.  The Details are given below, If any of you have ever faced any problem like that or have any suggestions please do let me know.

Product Information

Existing Environment

Product Name and Version:  Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 With Service Pack 2

Product Language: English

Operating System : Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1

Service Pack Level:SP1

SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 1

Product Name and Version:  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Product Language: English


Problem Description :

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Migration to SharePoint Server 2007

SharePoint portal server 2003 part

We have custom area definition in SPS 2003 which has a Custom Document library. This Document library is a modified DocLib Folder where Schema has been changed (Not Another copy of DocLib).
The Structure of this document library is as follows
1. All Default Fields are available + 4 Extra Fields are added to the Schema.  These Fields are
Project                          Type                 Required
a. Project                      choice             No
b. Departments             choice             No
c. Keywords                  Text                  Yes
d. Document Type         Choice              No
There are two instances of this list was made in Onet.xml. The types are 1122 and 1123.  These libraries
are also visible on the area default page.
Both the document libraries are used extensively and have almost 500 MB of files and folders with all
metadata properties.
SharePoint server 2007 Part
we have created new site definition based on SharePoint 2007 area definitions. We have created a aboslute copy of our sharePoint 2003 document library in SharePoint 2007 and generated the schema using SharePoint Solution generator.  This  element manifest of the feature has two instances of this feature as 1122 and 1123. 

Feature ID = EA71798C-2C64-4d72-8A54-701EBA876AD5
The upgrade definition file lists element has been prepare as given below
<List FromTemplateId="1123" ToFeatureId="EA71798C-2C64-4d72-8A54-701EBA876AD5" v3Type="1123">
        <Source v2List="1123" />
<List FromTemplateId="1122" ToFeatureId="EA71798C-2C64-4d72-8A54-701EBA876AD5" v3Type="1122">
        <Source v2List="1122" />
. All other Default lists
<File FromPath="1033\SPSNTSWTOCHW\default.aspx" ToPath="SiteTemplates\SPSNTSWTOCHW\default.aspx" />
<File FromPath="1033\SPSNTSWTOCHW\Lists\doclib\AllItems.aspx" ToPath="pages\viewpage.aspx" />
<File FromPath="1033\SPSNTSWTOCHW\Lists\doclib\DispForm.aspx" ToPath="pages\form.aspx" />
<File FromPath="1033\SPSNTSWTOCHW\Lists\doclib\EditForm.aspx" ToPath="pages\form.aspx" />
<File FromPath="1033\SPSNTSWTOCHW\Lists\doclib\Upload.aspx" ToPath="FEATURES\NTSWDocumentsLibraryOneViews\DocumentsLibraryOneViews\Upload.aspx" />
<File FromPath="1033\SPSNTSWTOCHW\Lists\doclib\WebFldr.aspx" ToPath="pages\webfldr.aspx" />
<File FromPath="1033\SPSNTSWTOCHW\Lists\doclib\repair.aspx" ToPath="FEATURES\NTSWDocumentsLibraryOneViews\DocumentsLibraryOneViews\repair.aspx" />
<File FromPath="1033\SPSNTSWTOCHW\Lists\doclib\combine.aspx" ToPath="pages\viewpage.aspx" />
. All other default file mapping
<!–Team Collab Feature–>
<Feature ID="00BFEA71-4EA5-48D4-A4AD-7EA5C011ABE5" />
<!–Custom Document Lib–>
<Feature ID="EA71798C-2C64-4d72-8A54-701EBA876AD5"/>
<!–All Other Default Features –>
<Feature ID="6E53DD27-98F2-4AE5-85A0-E9A8EF4AA6DF" />
<Feature ID="22A9EF51-737B-4ff2-9346-694633FE4416"/>
<Feature ID="0806D127-06E6-447a-980E-2E90B03101B8"/>
<Feature ID="0BE49FE9-9BC9-409d-ABF9-702753BD878D"/>
<Feature ID="306936FD-9806-4478-80D1-7E397BFA6474"/>
<Feature ID="2FA4DB13-4109-4A1D-B47C-C7991D4CC934"/>
Upgrade Info
We are using Gradual (Side by Side) upgrade process. The existing SharePoint 2003 site has Home, News and one custom area only.  The upgrade runs fine
amd completes without any error message in the Upgrade Logs.
When we go to the newly Migrated Site.  All the Folder, Documents, Fields, Views are migrated successfully and document library is working for view only mode.
Problem / Error Messages
The problem is when we upload a new document and after providing all meta data properties when we click on the "Check In" button.  We get the following error message
The URL ‘Shared Documents/FileName.doc’ is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web.
Logs and Messages
After this error The file is uploaded into the library but it is check-out and checking it in results in the same error message.
The SharePoint logs files has the following entries about the error.
04/09/2007 15:17:17.86 w3wp.exe (0x0990)    0x0868 Windows SharePoint Services   Database    6f8g Unexpected Unexpected query execution failure, error code 8143. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. "Parameter ‘@nvarchar8′ was supplied multiple times." Query text (if available): "DECLARE @@S uniqueidentifier; DECLARE @@W uniqueidentifier; DECLARE @@DocId uniqueidentifier; DECLARE @@DoclibRowId int; DECLARE @@Level tinyint; DECLARE @@DocUIVersion int;DECLARE @@IsCurrentVersion bit; DECLARE @@iRet int; DECLARE @DN nvarchar(256); DECLARE @LN nvarchar(128); DECLARE @FU nvarchar(260); SET @DN=N’Operations/Qual Status’;SET @LN=N’PreupgradeReport_633096476651966932_Log.txt’;SET @FU=N’Operations/Qual Status/PreupgradeReport_633096476651966932_Log.txt’;SET @@S=’3F243332-4A73-4B14-8511-79AF0BFFA4CA’;SET @@W=’6E037BEC-472A-434A-A843-B85EF73054D1′;SET @@DocUIVersion = 512;BEGIN TRA…
04/09/2007 15:17:17.86* w3wp.exe (0x0990)    0x0868 Windows SharePoint Services   Database    6f8g Unexpected …N; IF @@iRet <> 0 GOTO done; SET @@Level =255; EXEC @@iRet = proc_UpdateDocument @@S, @@W, @DN, @LN, ?, ?,0,393,0,1,256,NULL,NULL,0,0,1,0,927,0,2,1,-2,NULL,1,0,NULL,0,0,0,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,@@DocId OUTPUT, @@Level OUTPUT , @@DoclibRowId OUTPUT,? OUTPUT,? OUTPUT,? OUTPUT, ?,?; IF @@iRet <> 0 GOTO done;  EXEC proc_DirtyDependents @@S,1,@FU; EXEC @@iRet = proc_UpdateListItem @WebId=’6E037BEC-472A-434A-A843-B85EF73054D1′,@SiteId=’3F243332-4A73-4B14-8511-79AF0BFFA4CA’,@ListID=’28B2D06C-539D-43BC-A439-A1F38A69CCA0′,@ItemId=@@DoclibRowId, @NewUIVersion = @@DocUIVersion OUTPUT,@RowOrdinal=0,@ReturnRowset=1,@Size=NULL,@tp_Version=1,@ItemName=N’PreupgradeReport_633096476651966932_Log.txt’,@IsDocLib=1,@MajorVersionsLimit=0,@MajorMinorVersionsLimit=0,@UserId=927,@Level=@@Level, @TimeNo…
04/09/2007 15:17:17.86* w3wp.exe (0x0990)    0x0868 Windows SharePoint Services   Database    6f8g Unexpected …w=’20070409 10:17:17′,@nvarchar1=?,@nvarchar2=?,@nvarchar3=?,@nvarchar7=?,@nvarchar8=?,@ntext2=?,@nvarchar10=?,@ntext3=?,@ntext4=?,@nvarchar11=?, @tp_ContentTypeId = ?,@nvarchar12=?,@nvarchar8=?,@tp_ContentType=?,@tp_ModerationStatus=?,@tp_ItemOrder = 2000.00000000000,@acl=0xF3FE000001000000000000000C00000001000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFF7F0B000000FF1BB77EF0010040A5030000FF1BB77CF0010000A6030000EF1BE37CB0010000A7030000FF13433CB0010000A80300002100020000000000AC03000061100308B0000000AD030000EF12033CB0010000AE030000FF1BB77CF0010000AF030000FFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FB0030000FF1BA77CF0010000B103000063100338B0000000; IF @@iRet<> 0 GOTO done; done: IF @@iRet = 0 BEGIN COMMIT; EXEC proc_GetLinkInfoSingleDoc @@S,@DN,@LN, @@Level; END ELSE ROLLBACK;  SET ?=@@Level; SET ?=@@iRet;"
04/09/2007 15:17:17.86 w3wp.exe (0x0990)    0x0868 Windows SharePoint Services   General     8kh7 High    The URL ‘Qual Status/PreupgradeReport_633096476651966932_Log.txt’ is invalid.  It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web.

Help in this case would be great.

Thanks & Regards,


2 thoughts on “SharePoit Portal Server 2003 Custom Document Library Migratin Problem

  1. Hi Ricardo,
    We did this thing in early part of 2007.  We have tried everything but I guess that we decided to use V3type as the List Template ID.  But I can\’t be sure.

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