SharePoint Certification Exams

I will be going for SharePoint Exams soon so I decided to post the links to the Exam and courses which may help some one.

VIA August Logan

via Arpan:

ELearning Training

MOSS Developer eLearning will be available in the next few months.

Microsoft Instructor-Lead Training

There are, of course, other training companies that have additional training.

You can also find exam information at

Other information you should look for:

  • SharePoint technology books – 30+ in the pipeline. I did a post recently with a link to the SharePoint technology books that we’re aware of.
  • SharePoint technology end-user training (This is coming soon. I’ll post more information in the near future). This training will be eLearning type training that you can deploy in your own organization.
  • Other SharePoint Training partners that offer additional technical training.

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