SharePoint 2007 Course at eVenture Solutions (Operation Badar)

Recently I have started Introduction to SharePoint 2007 for Developer and End users training course at eVenture Solutions (Operation Badar).  This will be a 18 Sessions Course (36 Hours) with 12 session of study and 8 labs of both Windows SharePoint Services and MOSS 2007.  I did three sessions until now.  The topics that I have covered until now are

Introduction SharePoint Production and Technologies

  • SharePoint Concepts
  • Planning the Implementation and Topology for SharePoint 2007
  • Installing and Configuring Windows SharePoint Services 2007
  • Working with Windows SharePoint Services Collaboration lists and libraries.

We have currently a Group of 6 People and 4 more people are joining in.  I have a 3 hours session on next Saturday which to cover all the above topics for the new guys coming in so if any one of you is interested please do let me know.

I have also recorded one hours sessions which I will upload here for reference.  It will be in English and Urdu so will be helpful for the guys who are interested.

I any one reading this is interested in the program please feel free to contact me or EVS Learning ( for more information.



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