Another Migration Completed

Today I have completed another Migration of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This time it was our Internal Portal which was waiting to be upgraded for last few months. This time it was an Inplace upgrade. We got new hardware for the portal so I have to use the backup restore to move my data into new system. This time I tried something new from my previous approaches.

  1. I created a fresh Database backup of all three databases i.e. Prof, SERV, SITE.
  2. I copied them over to new DB platform
  3. I created Databases from scratch and restore the backup one by one.
  4. I installed SharePoint Portal Server 2003 with all required service packs and patches on the new platform and created a new configuration database
  5. Then I goes to Portal Central Admin Site and Click Create a New Portal and then click on Restore an Existing Portal
  6. I provided on three database names in the text boxes and click OK
  7. Portal was ready in 5 or more minutes.
  8. I then installed the existing web parts and tested the portal.

Then there was nothing much to do else installing .NET Framework 3.0 and running the Prescan.exe. After doing that I ran SharePoint 2007 Setup and selected InPlace upgrade. After this thing my problems starting to came out as I was asked to install Microsoft Project Server 2007 on the same new hardware. I run PS 2007 setup which simply got installed and configuration wizard was ready to run. But when I tried to run the configuration wizard. A message appeared that I cannot upgrade the existing portal with this configuration and something like SKU To SKU and I have to upgrade the WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0 first and then upgrade the server products. I tried to search for it but there was nothing on that. Later I uninstalled Project Server 2007 and does the same to MOSS as well. Then I re-installed it and re-ran the configuration wizard which was successfully this time. Portal got migrated and I have done all the post migration steps that were required. For Project Server 2007 I requested another machine which was provided and I installed in a new farm other than my portal.

All the process took 24 hours to complete.