Interesting Article about Project Server 2007 and Timesheet

Timesheets, Yes you REALLY do need to fill this in! Please?!

I hear lots of push back on the idea of having resources submit timesheets. "They are too intrusive." "They take too much time" "I don’t want my people thinking Big Brother is watching" I understand that these concerns are common but I have trouble with them just the same.

You are a project manager. Your job is to make sure that sets of tasks called projects get done on time, within a budget and produce a product that meets a specific quality standard

More on Project Server for Office 12

All Project Server functions are exposed as a set of web services.  Just like Office Client interacts with WSS,  Project Professionals integration with Project Server as also completely achieved via these web services,  which means other clients or server solutions can also be integrated using these web service interfaces.

These are some notes from the demo:

  • All project data is cached.  Project only interacts with the cache,  the cache handles all interactions with the server.  I have a concern in that how is the project manager confident that all changes that they have made have been uploaded from the cache to the server


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