MOSS Integration with SQL 2005 Reporting Services – Common Problems

Few days back I was trying to install MOSS Add-In for SQL Server Reporting Services. The number of links below can show the problem that I have faced. Its very simple to install the add-in but configuration is not easy. Do read the installation and configuration guide before installing it on your server.

MOSS Add-in for Reporting Services Download (Important)

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services – Installation and Configuration Guide for SharePoint Integration Mode (Important)

From looking at the comment stream for the "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 Reporting Services integration with WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007" blog entry that was posted back in February, I can see that some people are still having difficulty installing and configuring SSRS in "SharePoint Integration Mode." Fortunately for you, Raju Sakthivel, an architect in the Microsoft Consulting Services group, has taken the time and effort to perfect and then document the whole process in the attached installation/configuration guide (3.5 MB in Word 2007 format). I hope that you will find it useful. Please leave a comment if you have any additional questions or issues.

SSRS and SharePoint make a powerful combination! If you have implemented an innovative or value add solution with the combo, please leave a comment with a description of what you’ve done.

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