Microsoft Project Web Access Training – Part I

As we are currently in process of implementing Microsoft Project Server 2007 in our company.  I have to provide training to over 100 people who are working in different departments.  Training all these people individually could be a very painful job.  So I decided to go for an Innovation.  I decided to create CBT (Computer based training’s) for Microsoft Project Web Access 2007. 

This is the first part of the training.  This involves creating Activities and projects in Microsoft Project Web Access 2007.  These video can be downloaded from the links below.

Note: These files are two part RAR format which will convert to 1 AVI Format file.


I have tried my best to be as simple as possible.  But incase there are problem please feel free to contact.  Comments are welcome.

I will post more soon.

Jerry Tags: Project Web Access 2007 Trainnig, PWA 2007, Creating Activities in Project Server 2007, EPM 2007 Training Material, Project Server 2007

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Project Web Access Training – Part I

  1. The second link seems to removed or broken.  Thanks for posting these …. I am creating some videos myself for the same purpose

  2. Buzzy,
    Thanks for pointing to the wrong link.  I have updated the link now.  Please do share when you create some training like that.

  3. Hello! How Are you!!
    I\’work wicth EPM, I was looking your MSN Live(blog) and I\’will add in my Contacts ok?
    Your MSN space is very good, because this, I want my worksmates they can to access also.

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