SharePoint Server 2003 to MOSS 2007 Migration Steps

I got email from one of the visitor to write the steps that I had used during the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Migration to MOSS 2007. The steps given below describe the migration strategy used by us in migration Projects. Please note that the steps use the gradual upgrade method.

  1. Analysis of current Portal (Infrastructure, Database, Sites, Usage)
  2. Identification & Documentation of Customization in the Existing environment
    1. Identification of Custom Site Definitions/Templates
    2. Identifications of Web parts
    3. Identifications of Hidden Elements/Features
    4. Identification of Layouts and UI Customization
  3. Web Parts (Customer Decision/Sign-off on)
    1. Usage of New Out of the Box Web parts for SharePoint 2007
    2. Using Existing Customized Web parts
    3. Testing of Existing Web parts on SharePoint Environment and Identification of Re-Development Effort
  4. Layouts and UI
    1. Identification and Customization of CSS Based on SharePoint 2007
    2. Master Page Customization for Application, Site and Content Pages
  5. Hidden Elements
    1. Identification and Development of Utilities (used during provisioning)
  6. Creating Local Environment of Portal
    1. Backup old SharePoint
    2. Restore old SharePoint to new environment
    3. Deploy Custom Web parts and other bits
    4. Run prescan.exe with information of Custom site definitions
    5. Clear any prescan errors if you get
    6. Installation of MOSS 2007 as Gradual Upgrade
    7. Run SharePoint 2007 Configuration Wizard to install SharePoint 2007 side by side
  7. Development of Custom Site Definition/Templates
    1. Identification of Custom Site Definition/Template
    2. Matching Existing Site Definitions/Templates with SharePoint Server 2007 Site Templates
    3. Development of Site Definition in SharePoint Server 2007 Technology
    4. Testing Site Definition in Independent new Environment
    5. Development of Upgrade Definition file for all site definitions
  8. Testing at Local Platform
    1. Copy the new Site Definitions on upgrade ready Environment
    2. Copy the Upgrade Definition file for the site definition
    3. Copy the Master pages, CSS and layout files.
    4. Start the migration process
    5. Record and Fix Issues Iteratively using logs files in 12\logs folder
  9. Repeat step 8 on production
  10. Finalize Upgrade
  11. Uninstall SharePoint portal Server 2003 (Stop SharePoint Portal Server Search Service first)
  12. Delete Portal Configuration and Content Databases
  13. Configure MOSS Search and other services etc.

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