SharePoint User Management

A great . Great Article on SharePoint User Management.  I was forced to mention it here on my blog.


Microsoft SharePoint is a platform for building and deploying collaborative solutions. It is a centralized web portal that tracks content and documents as well as users, audiences and teams. One of the major challenges for the SharePoint IT administrator is to understand and effectively manage SharePoint user access along with the multiple directory services that co-exist within the corporate network, including numerous web applications, sites, and multiple authentication servers.  Since an increasing number of companies are deploying SharePoint on a global enterprise network, connecting a large number of users and in the process creating a structure of corporate hierarchy-based users as well as a formidable social network, user access must be regulated and managed effectively.

This article provides a detailed look at how users and security are managed and configured within SharePoint. It will give you a systematic overview of SharePoint architecture, user authentication configurations, and user security groups and permissions, and explain the differences between Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). This article is written for the latest SharePoint version 3 release.

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