Creating and using Multi value Custom Profile Property in MOSS 2007

1 .Go to Shared Services Administration: MOSS Shared Service > User Profile and Properties

2. Click Add Profile Property

3. Enter Profile Property Title and Display name

4. Select Allow Multiple Values and Allow Choice List.

5. Enter Description and Policy settings

6. Next we need to define the choices by clicking on Define Choice List.

7. Click on Add a new choice to create a new entry.

8. Leave the rest of the options as is

9. Click OK

10. To see the property Go to Shared Services Administration: MOSS Shared Service -> User Profile and Properties

11. Under Profile and Import Settings click on View User Profiles

12. Hover near the profile name and click Edit in the menu

13. The property will be visible at the end

14. Type or Click the + button add properties from choice list.

15. Double on a property to make it selected and click OK.

16. Click Save and Close from Profile Edit page

17. You can also type and Click the correction button.

Creating Audience based on Custom Profile Properties

  1. Go to Shared Services Administration: MOSS Shared Service and Click on Audiences

  1. On Manage Audience Page Click Create Audience

  1. Enter Audience Name and description and select audience owner.
  2. Select the rules either all rules or any rule option and click OK

  1. Now Select the Operand as “Property”
  2. Click the property dropdown and select Roles

  1. Select Operator and = or contains
  2. Type the value for Fee Earner

  1. Click OK

  1. Now we need to compile the audience
  2. On the Audience page Click on Compile Audience
  3. The number of member’s item will be filled with the number of members it has.

In the next post I will be posting about how to develop a custom tool that can update this property from any custom data source.

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Thanks to all these guys posting about it.