Send Link in Email can cause problem if site URL has – e.g.

I am not sure but once I saw such post few months back explaining this but if you have a – in your moss portal link or dns, your send link in email functionality will not work properly because IE change the – to %2d.  To fix this issue you need to edit core .JS file

Core.js file is placed at

System Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033

Open Core.js in notepad

If you have customized core.js before this search for L_SendToEmail_Text

if you have not customized core.js simply jump to line 3309


all you need to do is to encode the url to show – instead of %2d.  unescapeProperly method encodes the URL.

Simple press enter on line 3309

fileUrl = unescapeProperly(fileUrl);

If you wanted to test it add alert before and after fileURL variable.

Save Core.js and Refresh the page.

Go to a document library and using document drop down click Send To -> Send Link in Email

I hope this will solve your problem.


One thought on “Send Link in Email can cause problem if site URL has – e.g.

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