SharePoint Implementation Questionnaire

SharePoint Implementation Questionnaire

Recently I have been busy with customers for implementation of a Collaboration solution.  I have met few business users and asked about their thoughts on the solution.  While working I have prepared a list of questionnaire to talk to the guys.  This question helped me a lot knowing their ideas and concentrating on the features that I should implement in the initial deployment.  I have used an excel sheet and placed all the questions and used a column to store each user comments.  Based on user feedback I am preparing a list of Features that I am planning to implement in the first stage of deployment.  I am sharing the questions here which may be helpful for implementation experts.

What is your daily routine at Work     
How do you categorize your activities or projects      
What is the best part of your job?     
How you categorize Documents?  
Do you ever used Document naming convention?   
Do you have any standard document versioning method?   
What is Collaboration for you? 
Are you Ready for the Change? Why?     
What is the toughest part/frustration of your Job?     
What is the least best part of your job?       
Tell me three types of documents that you use in projects?     
Do you have a central repository for documents?
Where do you store your project documents personally?  
Please show me your central repository!
Do you want to access your document from home or other places? 
You want to see information about the people working with you? 
Do you want multilingual site? 
How often you do meetings with your peers      
Do you take meeting notes?

How do you talk to people in other buildings?

How do you Share documents with them?

Do you use outlook web access? 
How do you secure your documents       
Do you use any kind of Chatting software while working?
Do you know what is SharePoint Server or WSS?  
Do you want to know SharePoint?
Which business processes you should could be improved? 
What will you expect the collaboration home will have? 
What kind of training you like "Presentation or Hands on"?     
Do you like to see Video based trainings?      


Training Session

Today.  I did an Introduction to SharePoint 2007 for End Users Training at KACST.  It went really well and everyone enjoyed it.  I cover the SharePoint Goals, Relavance, Collaboration Features of WSS and Introduction to MOSS Featueres.
more sessions are planned for next week.

RSS Viewer : RssWebPart: Exception handed Fix

RSS Viewer : RssWebPart: Exception handed Fix

While configuring the RSS Web part on mysite I got  RssWebPart: Exception handed to HandleRuntimeException.HandleException System.Net.WebException: The remote name could not be resolved.  After some research I found some links to fix the issues.

You face this issue if you are using proxy server at your environment.  You just need to provide the proxy address in you site web.config. e.g.

         <proxy usesystemdefault = "false" proxyaddress="
http://proxyservername" bypassonlocal="true" />


You can also use it the following way http://proxyservername:1234.

But because I was not aware what kind of proxy my client will use after deployment I use the following code

         <proxy usesystemdefault = "
true" bypassonlocal="true" />


Site Collection Logical Architecture

Site Collection Logical Architecture

If you have question about using site collection or site for your department please read the article below.

This post is probably not relevant to most people, but I keep running into the same discussions with companies that are setting up SharePoint for the first time or have already set it up and are asking a lot of questions about why their environment is not as flexible as they thought it was going to be. I also seem to get into discussions about this with other SharePoint integrators who don’t feel that this topic is important. Maybe they assume people already know the concept or maybe they don’t understand it themselves.  Read more…