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14 March 2008 – Volume 1 – Issue 1


Inside This Issue

1   Getting Started

2   SharePoint Conference 2008

3   SharePoint Conference 2008 Dubai

4   Tip of the Week

5   Weekly SharePoint Readings


Getting Started

I hope Everyone is fine
and doing well. I have been thinking to continue this newsletter from months.
So finally I have decided to do it this time. I must admit that this is my
first ever newsletter so please bear any mistakes. I would do my best to give
you an update about what is actually happening in SharePoint World. If any of
you have comments please feel free to send me

I will try to post links, interesting posting and articles written by
SharePoint experts and would like to share my personal experience while
working at customers in Middle East.

Please come up and share your ideas on how can we improve

"Click here
to watch Bill Gates keynotes on SharePoint Conference 2008.

SharePoint Conference 2008

Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2008 just finished few days back. For you
who don’t know this is an annual event conducted by Microsoft to promote
SharePoint products and technologies 2007 for end users, business owners,
implementers and developers.
This year the conference was expanded to 4 days started from 3rd of March
2008 to 6th of March 2008. The conference includes hundreds of sessions
covering all aspects of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Microsoft Office
SharePoint Server 2007, Project Server 2007, BizTalk Server and many more.
With all the sessions and demos Microsoft announced more stuff for
SharePoint. This includes

Internal Buzz Kit

This kit provides sample materials and training to help customers kick off
SharePoint deployments. It includes demo videos, e-mail scripts, scripted
brownbag presentations, posters, training links, a guide on how to hold a
training session, information about building online community and encouraging
super users, training completion certificates, and guidance on how to run
an"internal buzz campaign."


This online content tool inserts adoption in the context of phases in
SharePoint deployments. GEAR Up includes the Internal Buzz Kit, and also
points to the SharePoint Server 2007 End User Training Kit released back in
Get Ready: how to build a business case and win executive
Engineer: resources to help with site design, capacity
planning and governance
Adopt: recommended tactics and materials to both engage and
train end users..
Release: build a community for ongoing support and planning
a launch
to know more please visit

SharePoint Conference 2008 Dubai

The excusive Microsoft SharePoint conference 2008 Dubai is one of the
global SharePoint conferences, following closely the US (Seattle) edition.
The world-class, two days conference, to be help at the Al Bustan Rotana
Hotel in Dubai from April 7-8, will showcase latest innovations, features
and functionality for the 2007 SharePoint products and technologies.

Agenda           Speakers          Tracks              Venue              Registration    

"Slipstream version of
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server with Service Pack is released. 
Click here
to read more.


Tip of the Week – Using Elevated Privileges


During developing custom application for our customer I have faced
number of interesting things. So I would like to share it with you.
For those who do not know about elevated permission please consider the
following example. Just imagine that you are developing a custom
application for Contact us and Feedback. You are using a SharePoint Custom
list for storing both. But you do not want any user to access or search for
the list from the site, so you remove the list permissions so nobody can
see the list or content. This situation requires a impersonation or wrapper
around you code that will give a anonymous or intranet user the ability to
add new items. This is where impersonation or elevated permission help us.
There are many situations where we have to use impersonation in code to do
a job that the current user does not have rights to perform so you use two
types of code.

1. Custom code for Impersonation
2. SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(delegate() {});

Both can work great but both have some disadvantages. Major issue with
Custom Impersonation code is that you have to fix a user name and password
in the code or web.config. and you have to add the class or its Dll to all
the project that you are developing. SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges
has a major disadvantage which I will try to explain below. Let’s consider
the same example of ContactUS

SPWeb WebSite = SPContext.Current.Web();
SPList ContactUS = Web.Lists["ContactUS"];
// Add or Update Item///

If you think this code will run then it is not right. This will return
an SPSecurity exception, because you have used the SPContext.Current.Web
which contains the privileges of the current user which does not have
access to that list. I have worked with many developers and almost all of
them stuck into this problem for once. The good way to use this code is to
initialize the SPWeb object inside the Elevated block. The correct code is
given below.
SPWeb WebSite = SPContext.Current.Web();
SPList ContactUS = Web.Lists["ContactUS"];
// Add or Update Item///

This code will run successfully.
Please do test and provide me your feedback on this.

Configuring and Using
SharePoint site on Windows Mobile


 You can change the
port of central admin site after its creation using STSADM

Stsadm –o setadminport –port 5555


Weekly SharePoint Readings

Pack for Indexing for SharePoint Server 2007 Search and SQLFTS
– Joel

Looking to index these
file types on your SQL full text search, SharePoint, Desktops, or whoever
else uses mssearch.exe? You can now index the following for free with this
ifilter pack: .docx, .docm, .pptx, .pptm, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .zip, .one,
.vdx, .vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, and .vtx more…

a SharePoint Designer (SPD) Workflow to Visual Studio.Net – Part 1

– Paul Schaeflein

I am working on getting
a community site up to host these articles as well as the code. My hope is
that all interested developers will contribute their solution to the
various Actions that can be selected in SharePoint designer. Read

Design and build sites for Office SharePoint Server 2007

Microsoft SharePoint Team / ECM Team Blog/

My name is Rob Silver.
I’m a technical writer working on the IT Pro content team for Office
SharePoint Server 2007. I’m excited to announce that the Office SharePoint
Server 2007 content teams for the IT pro, developer, and site designer
audiences have combined efforts to write and publish a new online guide: Design
and build sites for Office SharePoint Server 2007

and Restore Project Server 2007 using STSADM
– Christophe Fiessinger

FYI two useful articles
for any PS Administrator, were published on TechNet.

to configure your SharePoint extended IIS Web App for working with
Silverlight 2 applications
– Patrick Tisseghem

There were a number of questions on the blog or per email
regarding the configuration of the web.config in a SharePoint IIS Web app
in order for the Silverlight
BluePrint samples
to work. Not that much though and that is of course a
good sign. As I understand from it, many people are up-and-running with the

For comments and suggestion please contact
Jerry Yasir


Mobile Support for SharePoint 2007

Mobile Support for SharePoint 2007

Today I did a demo on Mobile support for SharePoint 2007 for my customer It is very easy to configure and use Windows Mobile Emulator to test how the site will look like in mobile. 

All you need to do is to install the emulator and configure its network adapter and connect to your site using http://siteurl/m/ Below are the steps that I did to make it happened.

1.      First download the device emulator

2.      Then Microsoft Virtual Machine Network driver

      It required for the emulator to function. If you have Microsoft Virtual Server on the machine where you plan to install the PPC Emulator you will be ok, but if you don’t, please d/l it and install it.

    Download Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1

    3.      Install ActiveSync 4.5 (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 only)
    ActiveSync 4.5 allows for connectivity between Visual Studio 2005 and devices based on Windows Mobile 6 and earlier.

      4.      Install .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP2 Patch (Optional)
      The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP2 Patch ensures that you have the latest version of the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 in your development environment.

        Thanks to Martin.Kearn for posting about how to configure your mobile device here and another post by Nick Kellet of Planet Moss on mobile for a step by step guide.

        I cant post the image of how my site looks because my Live writer is not working any more.  If anyone knows any other blog writer tool for live spaces please do let me know (I am on windows Server 2003 so cant use Live Writer latest)