Windows Live Workspace

Windows Live Workspace

I have a very bad feeling that I am not up to date with respect to what is going on in collaboration world.  I just explore SharePoint team blog in details and find lots of extremely useful stuff.  First thing I just signed up to Windows Live Workspace.  And just uploaded my first document.  It seems like a free workspace where I can share my documents for any where access.  This is a cool stuff because this is a new way of collaboration with external partners.  You don’t need to setup expensive environment to collaboration.  Easily use this environment to Share documents, information and knowledge.

Look what Microsoft says about it.

Welcome to Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Office Live Workspace is your online place to store, access, and share 1000+ documents.  Use it to distribute meeting notes, work together on group assignments, or simply store documents that you can access from any computer. Learn more
Documents is a great place to quickly store and share individual documents.  For projects that involve multiple documents, try creating a new workspace. Here are some ways to start using Office Live Workspace.

      Add a document

      Click Add file above and select a file on your computer.

        Share a document

        Click on the document’s name to view it, then click Share. Type your friends’ e-mail addresses to invite them to access this document on Office Live Workspace.

        View a document

        Click the document’s name to view it. Then, to edit in the original application, click Edit.

          Create a workspace

          Click New Workspace on the left and choose a type of workspace.


        Advanced lectures and white papers

        Advanced lectures and white papers

        If you are looking to learn about SharePoint from scratch.  This is the best place to be.  Microsoft has now given the best documents to learn about Server Farms, configuration, capacity planning etc.  Watch details below.

        happy learning.

        Watch lectures delivered by experts in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and download and read supporting white papers.

        Title   Description     Streaming Video         White Paper    
        Overview: Office SharePoint Server server farm architecture     Describes how to plan server farms for reliability and scalability, and how to deploy Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 on a server farm.       None    Download       
        Overview: Configuring server farms      Describes configuration steps needed for server farms after deployment. Watch   Download       
        Securing server farms   Describes how to help control access to information and how to help protect deployments from malicious users.   Watch   Download       
        Configuring performance options         Describes how to set up caching, IIS compression, and other options to help maximize performance of an Office SharePoint Server server farm.    Watch   None   
        Backing up, restoring, high availability, and disaster recovery for Office SharePoint Server server farms       Describes how to back up and recover Office SharePoint Server server farms.     Watch   Download       
        Operations and management       Provides information about common operations and management tasks.      Watch   Download       
        Capacity planning       Describes how to determine requirements to support your capacity requirements.  Watch   Download       
        Search architecture and configuration   Describes how to plan for and configure search for Office SharePoint Server.    Watch   Download       

        What is a SharePoint Farm and Questions about Topologies

        What is a SharePoint Farm and Questions about Topologies

        In almost all the SharePoint administrator trainings I do I am used to these questions after the slide about Farms and Topologies.  What is Server Farm and Topology, What is SSP and its components, Why SSPs and Why Shared Services,  What about other services.  Until I read this article by Martin Kearn. 

        What is a Farm?

        A place where lots of animals are kept and things are grown! J In the context of SharePoint, the term ‘farm’ is used to describe a collection of one or more SharePoint servers and one or more SQL servers that come together to provide a set of basic SharePoint services bound together by a single Configuration Database in SQL.

        Farms can range in size from having everything (all SharePoint roles and SQL server) on one machine to scaling out every individual SharePoint serve role onto dedicated sets of servers. A farm the highest administrative boundary for SharePoint and everything that happens inside SharePoint happens in a farm.

        read more

        Installation Guide or Dumbs Guide

        Installation Guide or Dumbs Guide

        Just wanted to update about my installation guide.  A few young men were trying to install MOSS on their notebooks.  Initially they were trying on their own but did not got any success.  I told them to took the installation guide I made for my client from the blog.  A guy commented that you You can publish it as a book as Beginners or Dumbs guide to installing SharePoint Server 2007 J.  He thanked me and showed me the collaboration site he created after the installation.  This is where I felt so good.  Nothing got wasted in these days.  Someone someday uses the stuff to learn.  You can find the installation guide in the documents section of my blogs.