Windows Live Workspace

Windows Live Workspace

I have a very bad feeling that I am not up to date with respect to what is going on in collaboration world.  I just explore SharePoint team blog in details and find lots of extremely useful stuff.  First thing I just signed up to Windows Live Workspace.  And just uploaded my first document.  It seems like a free workspace where I can share my documents for any where access.  This is a cool stuff because this is a new way of collaboration with external partners.  You don’t need to setup expensive environment to collaboration.  Easily use this environment to Share documents, information and knowledge.

Look what Microsoft says about it.

Welcome to Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Office Live Workspace is your online place to store, access, and share 1000+ documents.  Use it to distribute meeting notes, work together on group assignments, or simply store documents that you can access from any computer. Learn more
Documents is a great place to quickly store and share individual documents.  For projects that involve multiple documents, try creating a new workspace. Here are some ways to start using Office Live Workspace.

      Add a document

      Click Add file above and select a file on your computer.

        Share a document

        Click on the document’s name to view it, then click Share. Type your friends’ e-mail addresses to invite them to access this document on Office Live Workspace.

        View a document

        Click the document’s name to view it. Then, to edit in the original application, click Edit.

          Create a workspace

          Click New Workspace on the left and choose a type of workspace.


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