MCST – Microsoft Project

Yesterday I took 70-632 – Microsoft Project 2007, Managing Projects exam and passed it. I am now MCST Microsoft Project 2007. Exam was not much difficult. The only part that I felt and lost few marks was Task Types and Scheduling. Rest was pretty easy straight forward project related stuff.

My next target is Microsoft Project Server 2007, managing projects exam which is 70-633. I have looked into the study guide and seems like I have done enough work on PS to cover everything other than deliverables, timesheets, PSI and cubes. Rest of the topics is already covered during my work.

4 thoughts on “MCST – Microsoft Project

  1. Hi,
    I am taking the exam this Friday.  Could you tell me how many questions were there on the exam and how long were you given to complete the exam? 
    Jude Pachamuthu, PMP

  2. Hi Ramesh,
    Total Questions were 55 and 135 minutes where given to take the exam.  Exam is not difficult but it is tricky.  Please make sure that you have followed the preperation guide very well.

  3. Thanks for the reply Jerry.
    I took the exam 2 weeks ago and passed it.
    Ramesh Jude Pachamuthu

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