Yet Another Certification (MCTS – Project Server 2007)

I passed the Microsoft Project Server 2007, Managing Project Certification Exam (70-633) today.  I am Now MCTS for Project Server.  1 Exam is left to earn a new certification placeholder of Microsoft Certified IT Professional.  This exam was pretty much easy for me.  During my time with Intech I was doing all the things questioned in the exam like adding proposed bookings, replacing generic resources, tracking and monitoring plans.  I have lost few marks in the project initiation, planning and execution but not much.  Offcourse I should I was not project manager at that time 🙂 not really 5 questions were confusing for me to do.
My next target is now the 70-634 – Programs and Portfolio Exam.  This one is a little tough as it covers alot of aspects of project management.  I need time for preperation.  I hope I can complete everything before the end of this month.  but anyway best of Luck.
MCTS – Project Server 2007, Managing Projects 🙂

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Certification (MCTS – Project Server 2007)

  1. I would like to get the same cert, have you got any suggestions what to study or read to help pass the exam.

  2. Hi SimonG and Tariq,
    Thanks for the comment.  I did not prepared much for the exam.  Just studied some new topics like timesheets, deliverables etc.  If you have working experience of implementing EPM and then maintaining it, then the exam is very easy.  Follow the exam guide to go step by step.

  3. Hi Joggee,
    It is not about URL.  You have to take the study guide and get some eBook and you should compare your knowledge with the questions that can be asked for a certin top.  Rest is easy.

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