Project Server 2007 Certifications Completed :)

Finally an year or more after the launch of Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 I was able to complete the new certification model of this beautiful technology and became Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) for Project Server 2007 or Enterprise Project Management Solution 2007.  Although I am late in terms of this certifications but it was mostly because of the work I was doing which was more SharePoint centric and less Project Server from last 1 and half years.  Any way this Exam involved collection of 3 exams

  1. Microsoft Project 2007 (70-632)
  2. Microsoft Project Server 2007, Managing Projects (70-633)
  3. Microsoft Project Server 2007, Managing Projects and Programs (Pro: 70-634) Exam. 

I enjoyed allot while I took these tests and I must say that I was not near to 1000 marks in any of three exams J so make sure that you put a good amount of effort before going to this exam.  But overall I felt that I have an extra advantage of having a solid 2 years of full time experience of Implementation and management of a day to day activities of an EPM System.  Here I should mention a place where I was.

I do not forgot the time at INTECH when I was working full day on the EPM related tasks.  That was the best period for me being a EPM Expert.  Although I was able to successfully implement the EPM 2003 system there but in reality I have not tried 100% to GET out of the BOX for the technology in terms of its real advantages.  Project Server 2003 technology was built with number limitations for extensions and reporting but I was able to provide good piece of reporting with less effort.  But I am happy that I was able to answer many of my customer answers that were thrown towards me at that time.  There were number of questions in the exams that were directly related to an environment where you have solid EPM implementation.  The questions like Leveling Resources, Using Generic or Role Based resources, Skills and RBS, Categories, Data Analysis and reporting requirements were already covered.  I must say thanks to Mr. Mubarik Mustafa (PMP) and director of my department for giving me the chance to work on this challenging job and his trust on me to ask new questions every day and put me to learning business for almost 2 years.  It is because of him that I was able to take the full EPM certification in just 3 weeks time.  “MM” I wish there will be a day that I can work for you J once again J but hopefully on something like Project Server 2012 J.

Coming back to future, Enterprise Project Management or Project Server 2007 is not a very known technology here is gulf but I have been in contact with number of people that have an a limited initiative using Project Server 2003.  As like other 2007 products Project Server 2007 is looking like a matured product and have get rid of all the short comings in 2003 model people are looking forward to upgrade/migrate to 2007 version.  Hopefully I will be able to work more on project server and get the taste of upgrade + new implementation.

I have become really bad in blogging which was due to the load but mostly due to proxy enabled networks where windows live or Word failed for blogs.  But I am now trying to get back much greater than before and putting one serious attempt.

Looking forward,


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