Installing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (SP1) on Windows Server 2008 (Part I)


I was unable to to do anything for my blogs from last few months because of the load of work first and then the certifications challenge that I took.  But I am putting some screenshots here that I have taken using Office InfoPath my preparation of a Windows Server 2008 VPC.  I will be using the following technologies for this VPC

Windows Server 2008 RC1 – Evaluation Version 🙂

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise

Office SharePoint Server 2007 with SP1 (Splitstream)

This will be a series of posts and will mostly contains screenshots.  Let the image talking 🙂

1. Installing Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7.0

1. Load the ISO file form Microsoft Virtual PC. 2. Click Install Now

clip_image001 image

3.  If you have the key enter it otherwise leave it empty 4. Click Yes on Key confirmation

image image

5. Select the version for evaluation I selected the Enterprise with Full Installation 6. Accept the License agreement and click Next

image image

7. Click Custom as there is no other option on new installation 🙂 8. Select your drive and click Next

image image

9. Wait for the installation to be finished  

image imageimage

image image

10. Click OK to Enter your user name and password 11. Enter your desired user name and password for creating the VPC user account

image imageimageimage

A Look at the Server Manager image

Installing IIS 7


1. From Roles Section Click Add Role 2. Click Next

clip_image001[4]  image

3. Select Application Server 4. Wizard will ask you for an additional component. Click Required Feature

image image

5. Then Select Web IIS 6. Another Wizard will start Click Next

image image

7. Select the required options as required.  I selected all for this 8. Select the 2nd options for SSL Certification (Configure Later)

image image

9. Select the desired Server Roles for your Web Server 10. Review your installations and click Install

image image

 image image


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