Installing MOSS on Windows Server 2008 VPC Part III

This is part III of the series.  In this post I will provide the steps to install MOSS on Windows Server 2008 by Splitstream.

When I ran the MOSS Setup I got the following message.


Windows Server 2008 does not support MOSS without SP1.  Either you can download the SP1 Version of MOSS or you can make splitstream easily.  Follow the steps given below.

1. Get both Service Pack 1 of MOSS and WSS 3.0 and rename the files to some easy names. Open the command prompt and navigate to the location.  In my case files on placed on desktop
image imageimage
image image
Create a folder in C Drive name SplitStreams Run the following command to extract the files  the folder
image image 
filename.exe /extract:C:\SplitStreams
MOSS Sp1 Setup will run Accept the agreement and click contineue
image image
Wait for the extraction  
Go to command prompt again run the command with WSS 3.0 SP1 File. accept and Contineue
image image
Wait for the extraction navigate to the Extracted Folder C:\SplitStreams in my case


Press Control + A or Select All Files and Press Control C to copy all files Go to MOSS Installation Folder and copy the files to Updates folder


Screen clipping taken: 6/30/2008, 8:53 PM

The folder will look like this  
image Run MOSS Setup now and configure as usual.  If you don’t know how to install MOSS see the guide in the files section or link in the my best posts.
MOSS Installation Guide – Step by Step
Installing Project Server 2007 on the same VPC  
Go to Project Server Installation folder and copy all the files from Splitstream folder to that Updates folder  
Run project Server setup and then run the configuration wizard.  

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