The International SharePoint Professionals Association

"The International SharePoint Professionals Association (“ISPA”) is the first independent, community-run, not-for-profit organization designed specifically for SharePoint Professionals. ISPA is a professional association dedicated to the promotion and global adoption of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.  The Association provides support and guidance to the community  by establishing connections between SharePoint professionals and groups, resources, education and information."

The individuals listed on this page are the founding members of this organization.  We want to thank the SharePoint Community for the great efforts they have put forth helping us make this Organization GO LIVE.  We also want to thank the ISPA Regional Evangelist members who with no hesitation jumped on board and saw the vision the board came up with and enveloped it as their own.  We SharePoint Professionals are a small but very close community.  With the work we will be doing in both the User Group areas and the SharePoint Professionals areas we hope you will embrace this and call it your own as well. Welcome aboard its going to be a great ride.


Visit the Web Site for more information

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