Riyadh SharePoint User Group – February Meeting Highlights

Last Thursday our February meeting  of Riyadh SharePoint User Group help at Alyamama Hotel in Riyadh.  Unfortunately two of the presenters were unable to made it to the show due to bad weather and some Emergency so it was all me presenting in two session instead of three.  First I delivered an extended session of "Upgrading SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007" and later I went to deliver "Developing Web parts and Silverlight Applications for SharePoint 2007".  The event proved to be another great chance for me to speak in front of very nice audience of 40 people.  Although 70 People registered for the event but due to bad weather only 40 were able to reach on time.   Thanks to Microsoft for providing Amazing Giveaways for the event specially Microsoft Office SharePoint Server T-Shirts.  As promised 5 T-Shirts were given to top registered users and 5 more were provided during the questions answer session + other goody bags were also distributed.  The sessions were very interactive and interesting as I "Invited" a attendee to do my demo during the session . "Write WSS Code in the web part" who was a VB.NET code so everybody enjoyed that time while he was making dim SPWeb as SPWeb= new Web();

The session presentations are available here  with source code created during the session.  The pictures of the events are also available here Click on the Meeting 3 folder so see them   but for this blog purpose I am posting few interesting pictures of the event. 

Note: The next meeting of RSUG will be at Microsoft Innovation Center in Riyadh.

12022009179 12022009184

12022009186 12022009188

12022009195 12022009196




For more picture please visit our User group web site http://www.sharepointgroups.org/rsug/

Thank to everyone for attending the meeting

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