Microsoft DevDrive 2009 – Be First to Know!

Drive your business to success!

Just like the best racing drivers depend on the latest and most advanced technology to maximize their performance, you too need the right tools and technologies in order to stay ahead.

If you’re a designer or a developer who builds applications on Windows or web platform, join us at the Microsoft DevDrive 2009 event. Come and discover how our new products and technologies can help you build state-of-the-art solutions that can save you money and time especially in the current economic situation.

Gain insight into the latest technological advances and tools like Visual Studio Team System, .NET 3.51 (including ASP.NET 3.51, WPF 3.51), Silverlight and Expression. Discuss topics like next-generation web applications, innovative designs, rich user experience, Windows Communication Foundation and Internet Explorer 8. Learn how to use technology to increase your customer usage, satisfaction and impact the bottom line.

There’s also an opportunity for Q&A with Microsoft experts, and a chance to engage with our partners and network with IT experts like you. Drive down to the Microsoft DevDrive 2009 event and stay ahead with the latest technology.

March 11th at Al-Yamama University, Riyadh

Register now and get a free online assessment of where your Application Platform currently stands.

The Microsoft Team

For agenda and more information about “Devdrive website” please




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