Project Plan for Upgrading a MOSS Single Server Installation

Few weeks back I upgraded a SharePoint 2007 Environment from Single Machine to a Server Farm of 2 Front End Server and Project Server 2007  as a separate Application server.  Another Challenge was that environment was in SP1 and customer wanted it to be at latest updates (Infrastructure).  Another important point was Language pack as customer wanted to have Arabic added to the language.  Customers was very much worried about loss of data as content was around 30GB and I have to make sure that everything is planned before I shutdown their environments.  To make sure I do not miss anything I prepared a project plan with all specific steps as checklist.  This project plan helped me in a great way that I was able to complete the upgrade is just 12 hours successfully without any data loss for the customer.     I am attaching the project plan here.  This can be used as an upgrade and can also be used as installation of a brand new MOSS Installation with Project Server 2007.


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