Riyadh SharePoint User Group Meeting – May 2009 Recap

So finally we have successfully conducted our May meeting for Riyadh SharePoint user Group.  Riyadh SharePoint User Group has proved to be successful in getting people attention and time for attending our events.  They not only learn SharePoint for free but also take lot of gifts from Microsoft.  This time I was really doubtful on the number of attendees but my doubt was cleared when I saw around 40 People attending our event.  This event was special for me because for the first time we have spent almost 30 minutes discussing some questions asked by the attendees.  Ali Nimer again did fantastic work by starting the meeting with first session about Multilingual Development for SharePoint.  Later Muhanad presented an interesting session about scripting SharePoint installations.  There was no demo in his session but information was very useful.  I did my Event Handlers session and demo and later Amjad finished it off with his workflow session.  He was unable to do any demo because his VM crashed ;}.  But overall everything went very well.  Later there was a draw for XBOX and one of our regular attendee Alla Barqawi won it.  There were so many interesting giveaways that were given to the audience and for the first time almost everyone has something to take home 🙂

Now we have to plan our June 2009 Meeting so I am planning something new.  There will be change in the presenters this time as many of our fellow SharePoint Developers wanted to get involved in presenting so I will try to give chance to some new presenters.  Ali Nimer will surly continue with something interesting to continue. 

I will upload the pictures for the event tomorrow in fellow up blog.  The tentative date for the next month meeting is 18th of June 2009.


Event Pictures are available below.

Public Meeting 6 – May 14 2009

DSC03150 DSC03158

DSC03166 DSC03168

DSC03180 DSC03194

DSC03219 DSC03212

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