Speaking at SharePoint Techday – Khobar

Last Thursday I went to Khobar which is 450 Kilometers away from Riyadh in the eastern side of Riyadh.  I was there to present at SharePoint Techday that was organized by SharePoint Geeks (the only SharePoint User Group in that region).  Although it was a long travel of around 4 hours but we were able to reach there around 9:45 PM (You can calculate at what time we started the travel :)) I presented "Advanced SharePoint Feature Development" topic and got a feeling that everyone loved it.  I was pretty fast as I had only 1 hour for 4 full demos for Feature Development.  I loved every bit of it and hopefully the audience (Around 80) has enjoyed it allot.  Most of the attendees were basic level SharePoint pros so I have to make my session less technical which I hope I was able to do it.  Lets wait for the face book.

DSC03227  DSC03226 DSC03228

DSC03229 DSC03232 DSC03231

DSC03233DSC03276 DSC03282

another point to share is that Muhanad Omar was unable to make to the event so My fellow RSUG Lead Ali Nimer presented "using Variations in Web Content Management"  very nicely and audience liked it allot.  Fauzan Khan who is the lad of SharePoint Geek’s presented "Developing SharePoint 2007 Workflow’s with Visual Studio 2008" which went quite well.  Another session was from Emad Abdul Aziz (Lead XAMLLight) who went on to present "Silverlight and SharePoint 2007".  It was a good try but the bad thing was there was no Silverlight developer in the audience so he made it really basic for audience.  He made interesting demo with a Story board.

DSC03244  DSC03237 DSC03245

DSC03239DSC03259 DSC03240

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