Building Calendar Placeholder Control for SharePoint Events List

A month ago I developed a small web part that shows Events from SharePoint Events List to the ASP.NET Calendar Control.  The idea behind was the customer requirement to identify EVENTS on the calendar that are defined in the company global events lists.  If event List has an event on any day of current month it should be highlighted and if user click on the day it should take user to a page with SharePoint Calendar with Day view.  The things that were required are

  1. WSS or MOSS Site
  2. SharePoint Events List
  3. Web Part Page with List Data View Web Part with Calendar View
  4. ASP.NET 3.5 Web Application Project
  5. Smart Part Web Part Project or you use can Web User Control in Page Layout
  6. CAML Query Builder

Right now I do not have access to the code so I can not post it now but will do it tomorrow.


The screen above is little older as I have done some cool modifications like changing the weekends and highlight color.  Will post it soon.