Some Interesting SharePoint 2007 Questions

Some interesting questions from a reader.
Hi Matloob,
1. You are saving a "web" or site as template.  this feature only applied to creating sub sites only.  To make your template appear in site collection Create page you have to develop your site definition and deploy it to the SharePoint server machine.
2. Themes are site specific by nature they can not be applied to all sites.  to apply same theme to all sites and subsites you have to develop a master page.
3. No.  To get the results of search on SharePoint Server or wss you have to make sure that
a. WSS Search Service is running
b. SharePoint Server Search is Running
c. You have an SSP
d. Go to Search Settings page in SSP admin site then go to content sources and run full crawl on all sites.
e. Make sure you have items in the index on search settings page.
f. The Reduced, partly redueced and maximum are index performance categories.  This impact your machine performance if you have set it maximum so indexer will try to use full resources of the machine to index data.
g. To make sure that new sites are index quickly set the incremental crawl schedule to run in every 10 minutes to 30 minutes.  This way the new data will be index quickly.
Tough questions but good questions.

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 1:37 AM, Matloob Ali Raza wrote:

Salam, how are you
While working on MOSS 2007, i got some quesitons which are as follows; please dont mind of these as i am just a bignner in it.
Question 1
when i save a wss site as a template; it does add to a custom tab which is ok. My question is that when i prefer to create a new site in another web application i
cant see that template. why is that??
Do i have to download the .stp file and upload it to the site template gallery of the desired web application ??
Question 2
I have a collaboration portal created, which has multiple sites lile document center, search, news and reports. My question is that while changing the theme on parent
site why it dont get applied on  all chield sites???
Can we do so ??
Question 3
While i created a collaboration portal by default a subsite is created for searching the contents; if i try to search some conetents it always result with empty
list, but the contents do exist in the site.
I have look in to sharepoint services section and sharepoint server serarch service is running and its configured as "Reduced" instead of Partly reduced or Maximum.
Do i have to change that so that when ever a new activity or site is created it get sync at that time instead of after a while??

Matloob Ali

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