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Community Kits for User Group Leads

Today I received my community kit from GITCA (Microsoft).  It contains very nice stuff.  See images below for more information.  If you have not ordered your kit go to UGSS web site and order your kit now.  I am not sure that order kit is link is still there or not.  Contact your regional UGSS lead for more information.

Book: “Guide to Building Technical User Communities”
–          Book: “Word of Mouth Marketing”
–          DVD Kits:
o   Windows 7 presentations and videos (for both dev/ITPros) including videos, decks, demos
o   Win2KSrv 2008 R2 DVD including videos, decks
o    Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 Zune/Audio to load onto Zune or any other audio player (wmv, wma, mp3 files)
o   Dev presentations, videos, labs (, BTS, .NET, DB, SharePoint (Missing), Silverlight, and more)
–          Word of Mouth and Community Best Practices DVD
–          Several copies of Windows 7
–          Trial version of Windows Server 2008 R2
–          Few other offers for UGSS communities

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Thanks to Microsoft and GITCA.

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