List Items Export to XML Utility

This is a console based application that can export List data as XML in two options.  Only one can work at a time (Make a copy of the Release folder to do other operation).

1. All Items

2. New Items Only


1. Provide Site URL

2. Provide Web URL in /subsite/subsite/ format

3. Provide List Name

4. File Location Path as c:\test\

5. Date Format if other than yyyy-MM-DD

Download with Source Code

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SharePoint 2007 Implementation Training Series – Free Download

I have been involved in SharePoint2007 Training since the launch but all the time I am doing it in labs and does not have any way recording the session.  The reason was Running a VM on the notebook with 4 GB RAM and then running Camtasia to record it was really tough.  But this time I have a nice 4 Core notebook with 8GB ram.  I can now run a VM on 3.7 GB run a presentation and also start Camtasia Recorder at the same time.  There is no difference in performance during my training class. 

So to get things started I record the 3 topics of SharePoint 2007 Implementation Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 MOC – 5060 and First 5 topics of 5061 Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.  I have uploaded the 5060 and 5061 and will upload others very soon.  I will also try to run it here on my blog directly.

One thing that you should know that providing training in Saudi Arabia is very different.  Most of the people attending the training’s either has no idea or some idea of SharePoint so I have to do the training in such a way that it covers all aspects about SharePoint e.g. History, versions etc. and some time goes out of the MOC. 

I hope you like it.  In case you have any questions or suggestions please drop a comment of send me at yasir.attiq at

One last thing is that I have not done detailed editing.