SharePoint Saturday Arabia Next Week

SharePointSaturday_small I am really pleased to announce that Registration is now open for participation in Live Online SharePoint Saturday Arabia. By registering for this event, you are confirming you would like to view the live presentations, presented from 7:00am to 3:00pm (GMT+0), on March 27, 2010.

In order to hear the presenters, you will need headphones or computer speakers. There will be no conference call dial-in phone numbers.

The live blogging platform will allow for real time questions to be passed to the presenters. There will be multiple sessions running simultaneously so that we can present to a diversified audience with different technical needs. ( Till now we are planning for two channels, one in Arabic and the other in English ).

As you register, we would very much appreciate it if you would spread the word to your SharePoint colleagues.

Thank you for joining us. With your participation, we hope to make this an exceptional event.

Register here ..

SharePoint Saturday Arabia Updates

Good morning, afternoon, evening

This is a “warm up” note to let you know how Live Online SharePoint Saturday Arabia is going to work (hopefully).

There will be two simultaneous sessions running each hour; one in Arabic and the other in English. The SharePointSaturday_smallsessions schedule will be posted next Monday at most on, on the registration page and on Participants will choose a session each hour. They are welcome to switch back and forth between sessions. The session descriptions and speakers are available at

The first session starts at 7:00am GMT+0. Marwan Tarek and I will do the intros together and then present a short keynote talk to get everything started. All the registrants will receive the login information and the live meeting URL during the next week.

In order to hear the presentations, you will need speakers or headphones. THERE IS NOT CONFERENCE CALL DIAL IN NUMBER since this is an international event. Everything will be done over your computer.

I would like also to seize this opportunity and thank all our sponsors, I have announced all about the giveaways and the raffles on twitter last week but for those who are not following the hashtag #SPSArabia, here are they :

  • Our platinum sponsor “USPJ Academy” is offering 20 copies of “Introducing SharePoint 2010” journal issue as raffles. This issue, spanning a massive 180 pages, is the first independent book on SharePoint 2010 available on the market.
  • is offering one yearly subscription (worth $199.50) as a raffle.
  • TekPub is providing free monthly subscription to all SharePoint Saturday Arabia attendees.
  • Telerik is offering one premium collection license as a raffle.

Please keep an eye on and follow me on twitter (@aymanelhattab) for up to the minute updates.

Sincerely, thanks for participating in this event. We are doing our best to make the presentation process as transparent as possible.

Looking forward to a great event.
Ayman El-Hattab

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