IT – The Best Job in the World

“You surely have seen it on TV – some people really think that sitting on a boring island and blogging about clouds going by is “the best job in the world” (not to mention the risk of being bitten by a jelly fish).
Here at Microsoft however, we are absolutely sure that IT is the best job in the world. And to prove that, we are organizing a boring 3-day seminar on an IT-related topic. But, we can bet that IT people attending this seminar will be really, really thrilled. Why? Because IT is “the best job in the world!” Oh, and did I forget to mention that the seminar will take place this May on the island of Mauritius! Flights and hotels will be arranged by Microsoft for truly IT people.
So, if you are an IT specialist (doesn’t matter if you do development or administration, Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, PHP or Silverlight), you are invited!
Check out to learn everything about the "Enter Island" competition!”