SharePoint Server 2010 Advanced IT Professional & Developer Trainings

Many people in my area are asking me to provide them access to SharePoint 2010 Videos but thanks to Microsoft for understanding the need to providea comprehensive training material for IT Pros and Developers and both Introduction and Advanced.  Please find the links to each training below.  You can download the training by going into each section and then you will find a link to presentation and WMV File. 
I have downloaded all and convereted them to MP4 and copied them to my mobile to watch them while travelling.  I am also doing the HOLs available in the SharePoint 2010 Development Tarining kit any time I get time to do some simple stuff.
The Kit contains 18 Presentations, 16 Hands-on-Labs, 35 Demos and 66 links to Video content and all of these nicely arranged and accessible from the Kit start page – Default.htm
SharePoint 2010 IT Pro Training
For IT professionals, SharePoint Server 2010 offers enhancements to drive productivity, a scalable unified infrastructure, and flexible deployment. SharePoint Server 2010 Advanced IT Professional Training is a deep technical learning series for current SharePoint Server 2007 professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills to SharePoint Server 2010.

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Each module also has downloadable options:

1) Core Architecture of SharePoint 2010

2) Security in SharePoint 2010

3) IT Pro Management in SharePoint 2010

4) Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

5) Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2010

6) Content Management in SharePoint 2010

7) Composite Solutions in SharePoint 2010

8) Communities in SharePoint 2010

9) Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Developer Training

For developers, SharePoint 2010 provides a business collaboration platform to rapidly build solutions and respond to business needs. SharePoint 2010 Advanced Developer Training offers technical training as self-paced modules and hosted labs for SharePoint 2007 professionals who want to upgrade their skills to SharePoint 2010.

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Each module also has downloadable options:

1) Developer Roadmap and Tools

2) Core Development

3) User Interfaces and Lists

4) Data Access in Technologies

5) Composite Solutions

6) Enterprise Content Management

7) Enterprise Search

8) Business Intelligence

9) Communities

10) Development Life Cycle

Get Started with SharePoint 2010 for IT Pros

  1 | What Can SharePoint 2010 Do for Me?
  2 | How SharePoint 2010 Works
  3 | Simple Install for Testing
  4 | Search
  5 | Backups
  6 | Creating Your First Web Application, Site Collection and Web
  7 | Getting Started with Security
  8 | Windows PowerShell for SharePoint 2010 Administrators
  9 | Tools to Optimize Performance of SharePoint 2010
  10 | Introduction to Upgrade
  11 | Service Applications and Topologies

Pretty Cool Stuff – 🙂

If you are in Riyadh and you need the converted Mp4 format files just pass by your USB flash drive 🙂