Specified value is not supported for the {0} parameter

I receive this error message when I tried to run configuration wizard of SharePoint Server 2010 on a server which is added to X domain but currently the machine is not connected to domain.
Looking into log file I found the following important starters.
Unable to get domain DNS or forest DNS for domain X. ErrorCode=1355 
08/05/2010 02:19:34.62  PSConfigUI.exe (0x03AC)                  0x0BD8 SharePoint Foundation          Monitoring                     b4ly High     Leaving Monitored Scope (AppPoolCreation: SharePoint Central Administration v4). Execution Time=2479.01814341862 
08/05/2010 02:19:34.65  PSConfigUI.exe (0x03AC)                  0x0BD8 SharePoint Foundation          Topology                       7fa1 High     Provisioning of the web application, null, has encountered the following error: System.ArgumentException: Specified value is not supported for the {0} parameter.     at Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPUserUtility.GetDomainControllerToSearch(SPWebApplication webApp, String domainName)     at Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPUtility.GetDomainAndPropColl(SPWebApplication webApplicaiton, String loginName, String[]& resolveUserAdProperties, …. Truncated
Seems like SharePoint configuration wizard requires to read something from AD.   I am now taking the server to the X Customer to run the configuration wizard.  1 hour drive away.
Will update …
As expected the configuration wizard went without error at the customer network. Smile

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