1st Riyadh Online Community Summit

For more information visit http://rocs1.eventbrite.com/

Welcome to First Riyadh Online Community Summit. Riyadh SharePoint User Group, DevLifeStyle, Windows Phone Middle East, SQLPath, Community Leads from Riyadh and MVPs from all around the world are pleased to announce the the first Riyadh Online Community Summit being held on October 21-22, 2010. The event will cover a wide array of topics ranging from Client to Mobile Programming, Database Development and Administration, all the way to SharePoint Collaboration and Systems Integration. Please note that this is an ONLINE TWO Day Event.

Webinar Registeration Link:


The timings below are KSA Time (GMT +3) We will be giving away 1 MSDN Subscriptions with Visual Studio 2010 at the end of everyday (Worth 12K USD).

For more information visit http://rocs1.eventbrite.com/

6 thoughts on “1st Riyadh Online Community Summit

  1. Hi . Hope you are fine . Can u plz tell me that who have won the MSDN subscription and SharePoint giveaways because i have missed this because of power failure. Thanks

    1. Dear Shiraz,

      The MSDN Subscription was won by Mr. Jehad. There were 2 Extra Giveaways that were won by 2 females.

      we will surly have more events and giveaways in upcomming day.s


    1. Dear Fatma,

      Could you please email Mr. Saif Ullah Shafiq at saifullah.shafiq at gmail.com about it. He was supposed to sent it to you but may be he forgot it. In case you have issues please feel free to contact me.

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