In Saudi, We are all Open Doors On November the 2nd 2010

Not only Windows!

In Saudi, We are all Open Doors On November the 2nd 2010,

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO is going to visit what will be in the near future one of the worldwide knowledge and economical hubs in the world (Saudi Arabia) as he speaks about the new world of business and how Microsoft is continually striving to change the world through innovations. Cloud computing, the new world of mobility with Windows Phone 7, the new strong stack of business productivity platform (SharePoint +) all of that and more of what’s going on Steve’s head.

Why should you attend? This event is one of the unique events where we have something for everyone IT Professional, Developers and IT Managers. Everyone should be in this event. It will be a great networking hub for elite Saudi IT leaders and professionals.

Who’s speaking?

There will be a large range of IT SMEs, Architects, specialists, consultants, product managers, directors and IT Leaders who will cover many topics such IT infrastructure manageability and scalability, Cloud computing, business productivity, SharePoint and Silverlight, Application Lifecycles, the future of communication, real-world scenarios and latest innovations.

For a list of all speakers link and a complete agenda (Riyadh day1 and day2) (Jeddah).

Microsoft Arabia will be honored to have Steve Ballmer to host the Open Doors event in Riyadh (Nov 2nd & 3rd) and Jeddah (Nov 7th).

Read more:

Register in Riyadh: link

Register in Jeddah: link

Accessing User Profile Property from Page Layouts using SharePoint Designer

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