2010 Communities, Events and Awards

For all reasons 2010 is a special year for me.  It was a busy year but came with many good news.  Family first so I got my son Zayan on 1st may, My Elder son Aayan Went to School and I shifted to a new house in Riyadh.  But on the other side, the community went pretty well too.  So in this blog I would like to put a highlight of what I did in year 2010.  You might be thinking that It is not the end of year so you are right it is not.  I am just getting too excited and wanted to write this blog without wasting any time.  I will break the 2010 in 3 quarter (4 x 3) as it will be easy for me to break it.

January to April 2010

The year started well by having GDC in the end of 2009 where I presented almost 6 sessions and had great time meeting so many people and adding them as members.  January I took a little break and planned my next 5 RSUG Event.

RSUG February, March, April events went really well.  Got huge number of audience and all these events were done in two tracks.  Most of these events I invited top contributors to the community like Adel Zubair (Windows Phone  Community) and Mosselam (DevLifeStyle) and many others.  We gave lot of cool sessions and the audience enjoyed it really well.  Lots of gifts (Xbox, Laptops, Shirts DVDs) were given to audience (Thanks to Microsoft Saudi).

1st April was great day.  This day I was awarded the MVP Award.  It was totally shocking for me as I was not expecting it.  But it felt really good to be MVP and specially SharePoint MVP is great honour for me.  Thanks to Microsoft. 

Quarter 2 (May to August)

Quarter 2 started with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint Launch events in Saudi.  There were 2 Visual Studio Launch events (Academic, Community).   I presented in all 3 of them and demo Visual Studio 2010 Tools for SharePoint 2010 and got great feedback from the community.  June and july were community break due to vacations in Saudi so there were no offline events but I continued the Online events.  I was a speaker at SharePoint Saturday Arabia and MEA.  I followed up speaking in SharePoint Saturday India and an two online event with SharePoint Techies User Group in August and September.  I was a great experience.

Quarter 3 September to November

I did an online event with SharePoint Techies in middle of September which was followed by ROCS (Riyadh Online Community Summit) which was the biggest online conference ever been done in Middle east region with 12 speakers and 12 sessions online in two days.  The feedback for the event was more than awesome.  Right after ROCS Open Door came in Riyadh and Jeddah and Thanks to Microsoft Saudi again for giving me the opportunity to speak.  I attended the event in Riyadh and Jeddah and presented the BI session and I hope people had liked it allot.  I will blog about the jeddah and Riyadh events very soon with some picture.  I have also uploaded some pictures of Riyadh Events on my facebook page. 

2010 is not finished yet and we are planning an offline event in Riyadh which will also broadcasted live.  so stay tuned but It it time for me to tell you something.  Microsoft Saudi Arabia has awarded me the BEST COMMUNITY LEAD AWARD FOR YEAR 2010.  Special Thanks to Ammar Abuthuraya (Product and Audience Marketing Manager, Developer & Platform Group) Microsoft Arabia – for his support and guidance.  He has always provided us all possible means he can to do our events the nice way possible and worked hard to make them successful.  He is always available to guide not only me but all the communities and leads anyway possible.    The award picture is attached below.

I would like to thank each and everyone who came to attend our sessions not only RSUG but all the communities in Saudi.  I would love to know your comments and suggestions if you are reading this post.  Please note that YOU are the ones who provide us the opportunity to speak as you visit us in our events so please drop any comment or idea you have that we can use to make the communities in Saudi Arabia even better than before. 

In the end I would like to Thank my family (Wife and Kids) who really allow me do all these activities during the weekends and for long times.  Without their support I could’nt do anything.

Thanks and Best of Luck,

Jerry Yasir

SharePoint MVP – RSUG Lead

4 thoughts on “2010 Communities, Events and Awards

  1. Congratulations Jerry , I think your are one of the best speakers in saudi arabia , personally , you helped me to get start with sharepoint .. so you deserve to be the man of the year 2010 .
    regarding events , I have a suggestion to build media storage to store the releated files and videos for each session conducted in riyadh which will perform a referance for those looking to keep updated.

    well done Jerry , whishing you the best

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