Microsoft OpenDoor Riyadh, Jeddah Highlights

I was very much involed in the MS OpenDoor Events in both Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.  It was not only the speaking but also participating as Community Lead and MVP.  I must say that both events were very nice and many people attended.  These events provide a great oppertunity for meeting new people and do some networking and shareing contacts.  I met so many people that I always see in emails :).  The great thing about Riyadh Event was offcourse Microsoft CEO SteveB.  I was sitting in the very first row and was able to take some cool pictures of him.  I have uploaded these pictures on my facebook.  My session was about SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence and it simply rocked.  Over 200 people attended my session which was full of cheers and smiles around.  I was not ablet to complete my demos becuase 10 Minutes were deducted from my time.

Attending Jeddah event was so special.  First travelling to Jeddah one night before and then visiting few places in their was great.  Jeddah event was great. Both Developer and IT pro tracks were almost full.  Me, Mohammad Halabi and Abdurahman Al Qahtani were driving the Developer Track in there.  Again I got very nice feedback about my session.  But I was able to complete almost 90% of my session.  People really loved the Excel and Visio Services.  Many people has asked me to provide Slides of my session so they are attached.   The pictures of the event are also on my facebook.

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Session Slides

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