Thanks to CloudShare

Recently I was given a free ProPlus account.  It is such a nice thing.  I was using SharePoint for my demos and some quick work that I do while I am at a customer or demo.  Now I can just prepare it online and can do it from anywhere.  For more information please visit


CloudShare makes it easy to build, manage and share any business application instantly and on-demand, in the cloud. Used by business and IT professionals, small teams and enterprises, CloudShare offers complete and easy cloud solutions for development and testing, demos, proofs of concept, training and more. Everything is included – no more physical servers, installs, recoding, licenses or "virtual labs" on laptops.

Click, Cloud, SharePoint! Build and share multi-VM environments, like SharePoint, with our latest product, CloudShare ProPlus.

Create, Collaborate, and Run Enterprise Applications in the Cloud

CloudShare is a self-service cloud platform that enables businesses of any size to create, collaborate on, and manage full enterprise application environments hands-on and on-demand, in the cloud. It’s for secure application development and testing, demos, proofs-of-concept, training, and more – anytime, anywhere, just using a Web browser.

Product Comparison

All CloudShare products are designed to support your business needs. We provide a combination of software, virtual appliances, and workflow, along with complex environments with interconnected VMs, networking, storage, bandwidth, IP addresses, and CPU usage.


CloudShare Pro is the free, streamlined platform that enables thousands of developers, IT professionals, consultants, and other individuals and small teams to create, share, and manage multiple copies of virtual IT environments.

CloudShare Pro

CloudShare ProPlus is designed for those looking for more than CloudShare Pro – more machines, more RAM and disk space, more software, and more support.

CloudShare ProPlus

CloudShare Enterprise, used by Cisco, SAP, McAfee, VMware and other leading companies, is designed for large teams that need to collaborate on multiple environments.


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